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Assessment and Accountability

End-of-Course Exam

The End-of-Course Examination Program (EOCEP) provides tests in high school core courses and for courses taken in middle school for high school credit. EOCEP results are used in the calculation of middle school and high school Absolute Ratings and Growth Ratings.

SC PASS Scores

The South Carolina Palmetto Assessment of State Standards (PASS) is one of the tests used in calculating Absolute Ratings, Growth Ratings, and Federal Accountability status.

SC Ready Scores

The South Carolina College-and Career-Ready Assessments (SC READY) are statewide assessments in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics.

SC School Report Card

Follow the link to view the state report card for Pleasant Knoll Middle School. 

South Carolina Department of Education

Visit the Department of Education website for data on all South Carolina schools, including school report cards and test scores.